Digital Millenials When Push Comes to Shove Ants let loose To crawl from paper To screens. Digital millennials Thought Words Became manifest. A love fest An Arab Springs revival Not massacre at Tiananmen square. Not killing fields of Cambodia. Now we are doing Palestine On Instant coffee, addictive, And insubstantial. Israel is also real. See?Continue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Amrita Valan”

Not Shutting down yet…

Though it is tempting… The third volume of VOICES FROM THE FIRE is out, featuring more prose than usual now that the cruelty of April for National Poetry Month has subsided that was volume 2. Featuring spectacular cover art by that loveable renegade rascal Dillinger and illustrations by James Maj, R. Keith. Shane Allison andContinue reading “Not Shutting down yet…”