Reece Beckett

Feeling Followed. I see a standing silhouette In the corner of my room. I see the bubbling potion That sits inside my spoon.  I’ve been feeling followed Since before I left the womb. I’ll still be feeling followed When I’m buried in my tomb. Cross Your Heart I live inside a waste-pipe In a wasteland,Continue reading “Reece Beckett”


Vladimir I knew the curry house was closed.  Smoke punished its own sky, lashed it like a schoolboy’s hide in 1950. I’d known how neglected it felt, how planets never really forgave it, blocking their view of God. The closet heterosexual was near the door juggling in advance for his new circus act,  the millennialsContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: John Doyle”

VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Wolfgang Carstens

Message from the Editor

VOICES FROM THE FIRE will return on April 1st just in time for POETRY MONTH! Heralding DFP’s Poetry Month Event focusing on Poets (we’ve got some stellar new poets and artists joining the fray) in VOICES…along with past titles, the launch of several poetry titles including the first volume of VOICES FROM THE FIRE !Continue reading “Message from the Editor”

Leaving Henderson County for…

“What’s in store for me in the direction, I don’t take?” – Jack Kerouac One of my favorite Kerouac quotes next to “I have nothing to offer but my confusion.” Which kinds of sums up this and sometimes existence itself altogether but that isn’t what this installment is all about…it’s about John Doyle’s long awaitedContinue reading “Leaving Henderson County for…”