Benedictus Benedictine in a tiny bottle, tongue in, tongue out, mooning, dreaming, face of the boy who’d borrowed a dollar last week, but won’t speak to her now. She slips her fingers past her waistband, a new face, the man who fingered her five years ago during  that movie The Nun’s Story.  Audrey Hepburn’s faceContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Kappa Waugh”

VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Ryan Quinn Flanagan

Sex with Robots is Quality Control You never see THESE jobs advertised in the papers. Anyone who would apply and sit through that interview, they don’t want.  Sex with robots is quality control. And if they settled on that most efficient method  of assembly line work, things could get rather intimate outside the lunchroom.  422Continue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Ryan Quinn Flanagan”


A Public Apology Well, it finally happened .. I went too far .. and now I have to apologize .. I should never have uttered the slur that all my Repuglican friends are so upset about .. and I am sorry .. please forgive me. When I uttered the slur: “Trump has the ethics ofContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Beau Blue”


That’s how it felt editing this ambitous poetry chapbook from the ever-evolving Edward Wells…our fourth release for NATIONAL POETRY MONTH… I’m not going to bullshit anyone, the manuscript was accepted before I was stern with guidelines and such… However, I liked this cat after meeting him virtually at one of Mad Swirl’s live open MIC’sContinue reading “NOBODY GETS OUT ALIVE…JUST RECYCLED”

VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Tiberuis Galloway

A Lost Thought Feel like I’m splittin’ realities Maybe I’m losin’ my faculties All these thoughts insidah me At first it excited me Then it frightened me Lungs tighten insidah me Is the knowledge a parta me? Or is it invading me? The truth is all I can see But all I want is toContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Tiberuis Galloway”


That’s right, National Poetry Month is on the horizon and April is cruel, poet and publishers punishing each other and themselves alike… First on the agenda…Editor in Chief Mike Zone will be attending St. Augustine PoetFest (brainchild of Chris Bodor)…taking part in a discussion panel regarding Poets and Change (essentially poetry and politics), then there’sContinue reading “APRIL CRUELTY IS COMING”


Dumpster Fire Press is proud to present the release of our first 2022 anthology SEX! SEX! SEX! Erotica of all sorts, lessons learned in and outside of the bedroom? Was it a tragic romance or just another illusionary lust trance? Maybe there’s even a hint of someone NOT getting laid with even some paranormal romanceContinue reading “BEDROOM ANATOMY LESSONS”


Try as one might to say something to clever in a press release…it’s not going to happen with a work of this magnitude which speaks quite well for itself… From out of Nigeria, we are honored to present the poetry of John “The Apostle” Chinaka Onyeche in the hopes the reader will learn, further theContinue reading “ECHOES ACROSS THE ATLANTIC”

April Cruelty equals May Mayhem

After 13 days of Hell, Dumpster Fire Press is proud to release the second volume of VOICES FROM THE FIRE… 3 different versions to be exact featuring cover art by that loveable aesthetic rascal Dillinger… Another milestone in which DFP celebrated National Poetry Month not only releasing five titles but featuring a 4 different poetsContinue reading “April Cruelty equals May Mayhem”


National Poetry Month draws to a close, it was brutal to say the least but most of it self-inflicted for some odd reason… Dumpster Fire Press made an event out of it, releasing five titles going hard with daily entries for VOICES FROM THE FIRE and while it drew me away from my own creativeContinue reading “APRIL WAS CRUEL…”