VOICES FROM THE FIRE: John Chinaka Onyeche

My Grandmother Was An Alchemist. My grandmother. It was in late August, and the early 50s now, when I last visited her in that old cool smoky hut from whence, we were all bred. This visit was after I noticed that her sorrows had become like the early morning rains drizzling, that kind which leavesContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: John Chinaka Onyeche”


Try as one might to say something to clever in a press release…it’s not going to happen with a work of this magnitude which speaks quite well for itself… From out of Nigeria, we are honored to present the poetry of John “The Apostle” Chinaka Onyeche in the hopes the reader will learn, further theContinue reading “ECHOES ACROSS THE ATLANTIC”


January 2022 VOICES FROM THE FIRE , DEATH BY PUNK and upcoming BEDROOM ANATOMY LESSONS contributor R. Keith’s collection of visual poetry to follow up his other books from DFP HONEYDEW:THE CORRECTED TEXT and the short fiction collection PLAYDUMB. of course Volume 6 is coming in January…unless Amazon still hasn’t gained the ability to takeContinue reading “COMING SOON IN 2022…”