Crack Vials  A song for the eighties  Users  use once  then useless,  Gutted,  open like a wound,  or junkies’ vein,  or treatment center doors  for rich boys with cash.  Visiting Harlem,  doing the stop and go  to cop and blow, then  drive near slo-mo  back to Jer-Z  at 55.  But users  don’t stay tourists long Continue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: R.P. Verlaine”

VOICES FROM THE FIRE: The Mississippi Prison Writing Project

Instead of featuring a particular artist and/or writer, I’d like to draw attention to The Mississippi Prison Writing Project. The editor. Louis Bourgeois first reached out to Dumpster Fire Press about a month ago… “Hope all is well. Our organization wanted to bring to D.F.P.’s attention our recent publication, Mississippi Prison Writing from VOX PRESS We feel thisContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: The Mississippi Prison Writing Project”