Notice  The landlord is paying  a visit this evening  while I see him getting back  into his shiny Ferrari  playing with the dashboard  outside my living room window I got this notice between my fingers  but don’t even have to open it  to realize what this is again  because if I listen carefully  the otherContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Cord Moreski”

VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Christian Garduno

Chili in Heaven God was busy doing a myriad of things,as God normally is,but on this particular day,God was making his trademark “white boy chili”and was especially distracted-& you know what?He sneezed from the powder, for one split second,and he actually created the same snowflake twiceHe looked at it-looked at it again and saidI knowContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Christian Garduno”