VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Ryan Quinn Flanagan

Don’t Sit in my Hall Closet, Collecting Dust  Why all the ringers have to be dead ones, the telephone company has yet to explain, this facecloth full of ice over my knee as though a personal ice age is happening, that cooling off period you feel in your heart long before you hurt someone waitingContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Ryan Quinn Flanagan”


Morning Pages Every time I type your name it’s different like forms of snow that don’t matter while shoveling I can hear your punctuation written out how to breathe where to stop and start over and over A million notes without music typed too fast transposing letters & saying things wrong edited later toward strangeContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Tony Brewer”

VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Allison Grayhurst

What were you as a man Aristotle?            Bend the mind in fifteen different places to pull out a particular, that at the moment of capture, shifts form and demands further adaptation.            Summersault through definitions, substances, entities – modeling God on unity, and evil on chaos.            What genius generates such a mind, dilemmasContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Allison Grayhurst”