MY UNCLEVER POETRY OR JUST DON’T GIVE ME THE LOOK Begging apology my submission Knocks clumsily at your door Rat-a-tat interrogatives follow I offer this droll rejoinder In lyrical form  To the sponge of cerebral linguists Flashes of suffering  Weary listening  Follow with patience  And excruciating tolerance To unartful and greedy word-roaches Scampering in chaos Continue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Giulio Magrini”

A Bloody Thank You

It’s fitting that I watched the film 1917 right before I released DFP’s third release for National Poetry Month… THANK YOU, MR PRESIDENT by Bleeding Heart Poet Bleeding Heart Poet takes you to another time and place, drawing you into lives ravaged by war in a land where voices are seldom heard from or evenContinue reading “A Bloody Thank You”