That’s right…DEATH BY PUNK is heading your way in April the cruelest month, just in time for Dumpster Fire Press’ colossal series of events to coincide with Poetry month…even the anthology is more than just poetry… So send you punk, DIY, counter culture and/or death themed work to clockworkoomphstudios@gmail if you feel so inclined toContinue reading “DEATH BY PUNK: FINAL (official) CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS”

VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Milenko Županović

Mount Sinai The serpent of unbelief in the hearts  of sinners apostles  of the faith on Mount Sinai holy commandments in the dust  of the past the light   a new dawn in the shadow  of the cross. Paradise Nightfall of the gods in the arms of destiny darkness of centuries prayers of believers inContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Milenko Županović”

Obligatory Editor’s Rant

Well, it’s not really an obligation…I still have free will, after all…don’t I…that’s a tricky inquiry isn’t it? Being electromagnetically spastically animated bones and meat on an interconnected bio-sphere to further propagate the zany super-cosmic string that is life with existential multi-planed vibrations so the universe doesn’t flatline. I shouldn’t be writing this, I shouldContinue reading “Obligatory Editor’s Rant”


Taking a rare full weekend off during a snowstorm for an out of town excursion… It an attempt at romance while courting death… in meantime, DFP is still taking submissions for DEATH BY PUNK until March1st Poems, stories (20 page limit), photos, art, essays…whatever Oh and as always VOICES FROM THE FIRE the blog laterContinue reading “LOST WEEKEND”


Canadian Pulp Fiction…maybe?

Dumpster Fire Press is proud to present its February 2021 release… PLAY DUMB by R. Keith R. Keith’s collection of short fiction PLAY DUMB from Dumpster Fire Press, follows the lives the of the down trodden, the seedy and those just plainly confused about what to do confined in a restrictive box of living. AContinue reading “Canadian Pulp Fiction…maybe?”