VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Michael Lee Johnson

Waltz Footprints in Snow  Care to dance a new waltz renew, or drift back to those old vintage footprints− waltz with me footprints in snow fog covering over old snow. Rose Petals in a Dark Room I’m but a poet of this ministry, rose petals in a dark room fall. Everyone’s life is a conflict.Continue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Michael Lee Johnson”


VOICES FROM THE FIRE: John Chinaka Onyeche

MY FATHER WORE GRIEF AS A GARMENT. Today my father cuts his hair low, he looks older & tired.  i can see it from his eyes,  myriad of life’s untold tales. i am looking through his private diaries locked up & hidden, maybe i will be lucky to see some of good recorded memories  ofContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: John Chinaka Onyeche”