Dear Poet,  Sorry, but my Russian Wolfhound, Dostoyevsky ate and defecated all the submissions for Issue #3 the smell and smear damn near killed me. Was your poem about catching your brother cornholing his buddy while watching Andy Griffith? Or was it the one about Sandpaper Sally, the chick with scabs in her vagina? OrContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Catfish McDaris”


National Poetry Month draws to a close, it was brutal to say the least but most of it self-inflicted for some odd reason… Dumpster Fire Press made an event out of it, releasing five titles going hard with daily entries for VOICES FROM THE FIRE and while it drew me away from my own creativeContinue reading “APRIL WAS CRUEL…”

VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Mark James Andrews

Happy Birthday Mother Fucker I’ll tell you I never liked ice fishing and forget about going on sunny days especially as late as the Ides of March when JC was assassinated, the other JC the one whacked  by the Brutus and Cassius gang Julius F. Caesar knife, knife, knife bad juju and damning hubris butContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Mark James Andrews”