Home, at Last      The backyard is crumbling.       Masked men with machetes butchered the hedges. The pool is a hydrothermal vent where the bacterium LUCA enjoys the floats. Where there isn’t dirt, the grass is coarse and tan.        Rabbits have pledged allegiance to a new kind. Squirrels scurry up the trees, hiding forever behind soft, white,Continue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Peter Crowley”


One of my favorite books we put out here at Dumpster Fire Press is a series of time lapsed flash-fictions by Efe Tusder…UNFINISHED SKELETONS… It is one of the most creative books concieved, written and with Tusder’s permission madly designed by the DFP crew. Efe Tusder is as mad about the counter-culture narrative as weContinue reading “FROM THE EDITOR: SUPPORT”

Canadian Pulp Fiction…maybe?

Dumpster Fire Press is proud to present its February 2021 release… PLAY DUMB by R. Keith R. Keith’s collection of short fiction PLAY DUMB from Dumpster Fire Press, follows the lives the of the down trodden, the seedy and those just plainly confused about what to do confined in a restrictive box of living. AContinue reading “Canadian Pulp Fiction…maybe?”