VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Milenko Županović

Screams In the valley  of darkness  screams  of demons  trapped in a cave  the way of hell covered  with ashes. Shadow The hidden  tears  of angels  in the hearts  of the faithful  on the hill  of Golgotha  covered  with the shadow  of the cross.

VOICES FROM THE FIRE:Milenko Županovic

The son God In the light of shadow prayer on the hill Golgotha the heart of the city Jerusalem is bleeding saints in tears. Mother Hide your  believers  with prayer in arms heart new life at dusk demons in the fire missing. Blood  Traces of blood holy Grail verses of solitude faith by poetry hidden.Continue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE:Milenko Županovic”


Looking for Harajuku Girls During Hanukkah on SW Nyberg Street After a rough night on a soft bed, my oral Fixation – for serious – had me seeking some Bone-blonde flawless flame at New Seasons Market. Honestly, the only animal that is Territorial around ideas was getting kind of Fistic in my chest, inside thatContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Jake Sheff”