The Golden Apple For many years I pruned apple trees. In the beginning I started very hesitantly wanting every apple to stand a fighting chance. As I continued to learn the craft pruning became easier overtime more apples fell to the ground without wavering, they became easier to get rid of. This made more chanceContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Carmen Grover”


Walked the Walk ‘Perhaps you fancy, you know if it’s a nice day next Sunday a little walk along the beach maybe.’ I said.Feeling like a would be suitor in a second rate period drama.Then somehow I instantly made it worse by saying ,‘Or we could walk in the park you know, the nice woodedContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Stephen Whitter”

Hateful Eight

Alright, it’s not exactly a spite filled issue…please ignore my pathetic attempt at being clever with a simple ryhme and reference to a certain film by a certain director… VOICES FROM THE FIRE vol. 8 Culled from the official Dumpster Fire Press blog…VOICES FROM THE FIRE!Dumpster Fire Press continues featuring poets, writers and visual artistContinue reading “Hateful Eight”


Into The Darkness It was half past four. The Dawn setting in I must walk I have to. I set out into the Growing darker sky, stars, brighter, snow whiter. Headphones in with lame affirmations blaring in my ears Into the woods I picked up my pace. This quickened step came to a slow whenContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Carmen Grover”

Sweet Smell of Success…

Sometimes it doesn’t always smell so sweet…in fact sometimes it isn’t even successful…and there’s humor to be found there among the tragedy of it all and perhaps a bit of hope to salvage the mess but isn’t that why we dream and what happens when those dreams come during the dead time of being awake?Continue reading “Sweet Smell of Success…”

VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Anibal Perez Longhi

The Girl Who Watched the River He saw him every day from his window. He was sitting on a bench in the plaza, and perhaps to forget his loneliness, he was feeding the pigeons with the scraps of food that the charity volunteers usually distributed. Elio, it was the beggar’s observer name, opened the window,Continue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Anibal Perez Longhi”