The Monster Shake  I have never pondered the strength of a handshake…how hard to squeeze, how long to hold, how much to shake and when to release?  Like my anger!  The tale of the father who was battered and now himself is abusive…why?  Fighting it, resisting it and even hating it, but it’s much moreContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Carmen Grover”


VOICES FROM THE FIRE VOL. 11 is availabe right now! Collected the poems, stories and illustrations from offical VOICES FROM THE FIRE blog via the Dumpster Fire Press website…covering September through November 5th (fittingly enough) We’ve doing this two years now and will be running Volume 12 daily until we reach hiatus stage where weContinue reading “VOICES AND VISIONS”


An Old Man Appears The weather was nice.  I’ve been wanting to go to the bush for a while to see the magical world that lives within and beyond the trees.  As I walked I saw chipmunks sunbathing on stumps and brown and white butterflies’ in their mourning cloaks grazed my sight.  I listened toContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Carmen Grover”

Sweet Smell of Success…

Sometimes it doesn’t always smell so sweet…in fact sometimes it isn’t even successful…and there’s humor to be found there among the tragedy of it all and perhaps a bit of hope to salvage the mess but isn’t that why we dream and what happens when those dreams come during the dead time of being awake?Continue reading “Sweet Smell of Success…”


OUR NEW SPRING ANTHOLOGY is getting prepped for a mid March/April release date. LOVE, SEX, ROMANCE…everything you dread. Bedroom antics, sexual musings, paranormal erotica of a questionable taste. What did you ultimately learn about yourself? Was it worth it or just a toxic trance? Every quarter DFP will be releasing a thematic anthology and BEDROOMContinue reading “CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS:BEDROOM ANATOMY LESSONS”

Romancing the Bone

What? You wanted something more classy? This is Dumpster Fire Press and even though you should be reading about OCTOPI FROM THE SKY right now…UNFINISHED SKELETONS is what happened to get through first via the limbo of corporate bureaucracy… but alas here we are and what I can I say…there are skeletons and skeletons haveContinue reading “Romancing the Bone”


An escape from National Poetry Month and poetry just in general…. Dumpster Fire Press’ first release for May features the spectacular short fiction collection from VOICES FROM THE FIRE contributor and fellow MAD SWIRL contributor Harry McNabb. Featuring cover art by James Maj. “It’s a real pleasure to release Harry McNabb’s latest story collection.  IContinue reading “KELP ME!”


Canadian Pulp Fiction…maybe?

Dumpster Fire Press is proud to present its February 2021 release… PLAY DUMB by R. Keith R. Keith’s collection of short fiction PLAY DUMB from Dumpster Fire Press, follows the lives the of the down trodden, the seedy and those just plainly confused about what to do confined in a restrictive box of living. AContinue reading “Canadian Pulp Fiction…maybe?”