VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Andrew Darlington

The Black Venusian Scrotum-Worm Beyond the plague damned world… (1) He awakes. Something is knocking at the sky, trying to get in. She lies beside him. She hears nothing other than his breath, his heartbeat, the warm pulse of blood in his veins. He rises with a curious sense of unease. An endless golden day.Continue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Andrew Darlington”


I say stuff about stuff regarding Dumpster Fire Press and name drop like a mother fucker in a socially awkward manner and had I had seven more minutes probably would’ve droned on about even weirder shit concerning pending projects… https://anchor.fm/emotionalorphan/episodes/Social-Yet-Distanced-Welcome-Mike-Zone-of-Dumpster-Fire-Press-eogpuf/a-a47orl7?fbclid=IwAR0eXwQtGMXY1vgDneEPO4gUsXY33ACPAQd1BKFEiS6fUXpvpMoQ69Q6eW4 Thanks to the Emotional Orphan of the Social Yet Distanced podcast for having me