No longer silent AS if I ever was… this is part of a new series which may or may not last very long…depending on who wants to be a motherfucker…that’s right calling out motherfuckers in the small press as it no longer applies to my personal life and other aspects of this brief mortal struggle…Continue reading “CALLING OUT MFS”


Toy Rocket Colored lights dance around, Like a parade of anxieties. Making fun out of fears. Each shaking inhibition, Fueling the miniature craft. Broad strokes of crimson, Encased in a womb of sorrow. Before falling out, Into your hands. Away from the souls, Caught in a pandering grip. You aim the rocket toward the sky.Continue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Drew Campbell”

Sweet Smell of Success…

Sometimes it doesn’t always smell so sweet…in fact sometimes it isn’t even successful…and there’s humor to be found there among the tragedy of it all and perhaps a bit of hope to salvage the mess but isn’t that why we dream and what happens when those dreams come during the dead time of being awake?Continue reading “Sweet Smell of Success…”