Well not really…lucky…it was a pain the ass to get out battling our distributor/printer as I recovered from a rather brutal kidney infection (full recovery pending)…. BUT HERE IT IS…VOICES FROM THE FIRE VOL. 7 It seems like these volumes are starting to find voices of their own as they should but in a commonContinue reading “LUCKY NUMBER 7”


Self-portrait in meditation

Sweet Smell of Success…

Sometimes it doesn’t always smell so sweet…in fact sometimes it isn’t even successful…and there’s humor to be found there among the tragedy of it all and perhaps a bit of hope to salvage the mess but isn’t that why we dream and what happens when those dreams come during the dead time of being awake?Continue reading “Sweet Smell of Success…”

VOICES FROM THE FIRE: M.A. Blickley & Zoe Anastassiou

Mother’s Milk My lips tremble as if I am about to cry. Please let your mother’s milk steel me against the animal I become when my brain confuses intellectual arousal with physical pleasure.  Why do I nurse wounds that flow from the expectations of others?  Sometimes it feels like I’m the suckling of a TinContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: M.A. Blickley & Zoe Anastassiou”


Yeah, you know the piece of trash who runs this press and website? As we still wait for Amazon to approve publication of CHILDHOOD’S END the year end anthology from DFP encompassing the TWILIGHT OF THE SUPERHUMANS and WAITING FOR LUCY concepts, I’d like to explain how and most definitely why things are going toContinue reading “FROM THE EDITOR”

VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Christian Garduno

Chili in Heaven God was busy doing a myriad of things,as God normally is,but on this particular day,God was making his trademark “white boy chili”and was especially distracted-& you know what?He sneezed from the powder, for one split second,and he actually created the same snowflake twiceHe looked at it-looked at it again and saidI knowContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Christian Garduno”


Still Burning…

It’s been a hell of run for Dumpster Fire Press but it’s also been a hell of year with major upheavals and not all of them triumphant… However, DFP isn’t going anywhere. We’ve published over twenty titles with more on the way possibly rounding it out to 30 which far beyond what I originally planned.Continue reading “Still Burning…”

Better than the Movies (alright, better than any movie I could do)

Here we are…the fourth and final release for August which was supposed to be the first release had Leah Mueller’s LAND OF ETERNAL THIRST AND OTHER STORIES had not been delayed by the same powers that be which had a technical glitch hindering the release of… Dumpster Fire Press presents…a war of the worlds typeContinue reading “Better than the Movies (alright, better than any movie I could do)”