THE FEARFUL GIRL IS THE STRANGEST DANCER.  The moonlit dance was never danced again . The stonemason fled the scene . In the stump of an old tree ,where hearts have rotted out . Adam and Eve for a new generation ,scenarios the same ,just the faces that change. Old leaves turn into lace skeletons. Continue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Paul Warren”


The Creepy Environmentalist I was walking through the dark forest when I saw something creepy: a humanoid tree had relations with the environmentalist Little Red Riding Hood and while they exchanged caresses, the seeded sap fell on the girl’s breasts, leading her to become a carnivorous plant that absorbed the moans of her lycanthropic victimsContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Samir Karimo”

VOICES FROM THE FIRE: M.A. Blickley & Zoe Anastassiou

Mother’s Milk My lips tremble as if I am about to cry. Please let your mother’s milk steel me against the animal I become when my brain confuses intellectual arousal with physical pleasure.  Why do I nurse wounds that flow from the expectations of others?  Sometimes it feels like I’m the suckling of a TinContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: M.A. Blickley & Zoe Anastassiou”

St. Augustine POETFEST

St. Augustine, FL – This year for National Poetry Month (April) Ancient City Poets have partnered with the English Department of Flagler College and the St. Johns Cultural Council to present a day-long celebration of creative writing and reciting on Saturday April 9th, the day after the Henry Rollins spoken word tour stop at theContinue reading “St. Augustine POETFEST”