It’s nearly summer damn it and you know what that calls for? A new summer anthology from Dumpster Fire Press… First we presented you with DEATH BY PUNK and writers and artists from all over created some real magic in that grand homage to punk and DIY culture. Almost to the point , I wantedContinue reading “CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS”

Message from the Editor

VOICES FROM THE FIRE will return on April 1st just in time for POETRY MONTH! Heralding DFP’s Poetry Month Event focusing on Poets (we’ve got some stellar new poets and artists joining the fray) in VOICES…along with past titles, the launch of several poetry titles including the first volume of VOICES FROM THE FIRE !Continue reading “Message from the Editor”

Midlife Crisis Looming amid Immortal Dreams…

I’m dying…I really am… Turning forty this week with one foot in the grave and the other one on a banana peel… Dumpster Fire Press to celebrate presents a special bonus release…The 21 page chapbook by Milenko Županović… IMMORTAL DREAMS Now let’s get back to that banana and dwindling time pertaining to the void IContinue reading “Midlife Crisis Looming amid Immortal Dreams…”

2021 Officially Begins

Dumpster Fire Press is proud to present the first release of 2021… STRANDS OF STRUGGLE by Brenda Christie, a strong and unique voice who takes the reader into a variety of places both tragedy and triumphant…there’s so much here difficult to put into words from a language and realm older than words and Christie deliversContinue reading “2021 Officially Begins”