The Cruelest Month (call for submissions)

April is approaching…. April is Poetry Month.. .April is the cruelest month… according to T.S. Eliot… The above is not a poem…I promise my poetry isn’t that subpar even though it has the potential to be. Dropping April 1st (this is not a joke) will be the first volume of VOICES FROM THE FIRE…to kickContinue reading “The Cruelest Month (call for submissions)”


“Goldilocks at the Rubicon”


Taking a rare full weekend off during a snowstorm for an out of town excursion… It an attempt at romance while courting death… in meantime, DFP is still taking submissions for DEATH BY PUNK until March1st Poems, stories (20 page limit), photos, art, essays…whatever Oh and as always VOICES FROM THE FIRE the blog laterContinue reading “LOST WEEKEND”

grinding through the flames

Taking about a week off unless I go crazy from overwork… However, DFP will be announcing its first anthology and seeking submissions. VOICES FROM THE FIRE WILL RETURN JANUARY 31 Stay surreal

Flaming garbage

It was a short week for DFP, after the deluge of two releases and the premier of VOICES FROM THE FIRE… This week was more the routine I’m going for even though civilian life isn’t exactly normal right now working a job that shouldn’t be demanding with a consistently fluctuating schedule in which one isContinue reading “Flaming garbage”