HA! Got your attention with that one you little grind-house slush-puppies! Closing out this week Friday and starting September off right TWO., yes two fantastic authors I have gotten know over time and are actually influencing my own work along with where I’d like to take Dumpster Fire Press after our one year hiatus inContinue reading “FEMME FATALE DOUBLE FEATURE!”

In the Land of Eternal Thirst, some of that desert magic…

While DFP is still technically on hiatus, there are obligations to be fulfilled and due to some issues with Amazon (fuck Jeff Bezos) what was intended as a July release has been unleashed in August… Leah Mueller’s LAND OF ETERNAL THIRST AND OTHER STORIES It feels odd to refer to someone you correspond with byContinue reading “In the Land of Eternal Thirst, some of that desert magic…”