VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Anibal Perez Longhi

The Girl Who Watched the River He saw him every day from his window. He was sitting on a bench in the plaza, and perhaps to forget his loneliness, he was feeding the pigeons with the scraps of food that the charity volunteers usually distributed. Elio, it was the beggar’s observer name, opened the window,Continue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Anibal Perez Longhi”


Guilt comes in our silences I tell myself that I am a far flung ideal,  my thoughts love to attract anything worth regret, no company more loved by misery  than the graveyard in which my mind sleeps. I look in the mirror and brush my teeth, routines somehow scratching too far under my skin. IsContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Johann Van Der Walt”


The second release for National Poetry Month is a bit different for Dumpster Fire Press. FOR SVETLANNA is a collection of poetry compiled by Rita Marie Recine who was not intended to be the sole author and there’s a story there, just like there’s always a story. You DFP has always sort of prided itselfContinue reading “FOR SVETLANA”