Slipping through the briefcase abruptly  Hunger pain of cruel side swiped dilemma rotten tooth & all, trees blown from mountainside where goats lay w/ shepherds who point their crusted fingernails at mailmen on acid washed jeans of environmentally unsound corporate nightmares, industrious, floundering, cooler than a kumquat & just as incomplete, whereas (& this beginsContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Joshua Martin”

VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Anibal Perez Longhi

The Girl Who Watched the River He saw him every day from his window. He was sitting on a bench in the plaza, and perhaps to forget his loneliness, he was feeding the pigeons with the scraps of food that the charity volunteers usually distributed. Elio, it was the beggar’s observer name, opened the window,Continue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Anibal Perez Longhi”


Brilliant lips apogee Twixt towering spines brittle gestures Untamable languages breed How we puke mere embers of stars Never full flame Choirs vast breeze the air we breathe Invisible flame of youth Of virility  How sound the truths of our burgeoning Softness How we can never re animate the Organisms burnt out shells Fallen toContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Merrit Waldon”


Kingbird I was watching the birds the day that Jose Mendez cracked up. I do that a lot. You can learn a lot from birds, trust me on this. I bet that old Chinese guy, Sun Tzu, got some of his ideas from watching them. They know strategy. I was watching kingbirds – a wholeContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Paul Ilechko”


no one was ever meant to sometimes the loneliness will distort even the best  memories beat you down until you  understand that no one  was ever meant to love  you there goes another bottle of scotch soon, you’ll be looking at a bottle of pills and thinking of one of your musical heroes these areContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: J.J Campbell”

VOICES FROM THE FIRE:Milenko Županovic

The son God In the light of shadow prayer on the hill Golgotha the heart of the city Jerusalem is bleeding saints in tears. Mother Hide your  believers  with prayer in arms heart new life at dusk demons in the fire missing. Blood  Traces of blood holy Grail verses of solitude faith by poetry hidden.Continue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE:Milenko Županovic”


An escape from National Poetry Month and poetry just in general…. Dumpster Fire Press’ first release for May features the spectacular short fiction collection from VOICES FROM THE FIRE contributor and fellow MAD SWIRL contributor Harry McNabb. Featuring cover art by James Maj. “It’s a real pleasure to release Harry McNabb’s latest story collection.  IContinue reading “KELP ME!”

VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Mark James Andrews

Happy Birthday Mother Fucker I’ll tell you I never liked ice fishing and forget about going on sunny days especially as late as the Ides of March when JC was assassinated, the other JC the one whacked  by the Brutus and Cassius gang Julius F. Caesar knife, knife, knife bad juju and damning hubris butContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Mark James Andrews”


The Roadkill You already have arisen to the steady sobbing. “Do you think her son is still locked inside?” I step out. Night has left its sanguine plumes on our staircase; its predator moans in the darkness; spring mates in the pollen ridden milieu with humid heat. No snivelling I hear.  Your hands have theContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Kushal Poddar”