Try as one might to say something to clever in a press release…it’s not going to happen with a work of this magnitude which speaks quite well for itself… From out of Nigeria, we are honored to present the poetry of John “The Apostle” Chinaka Onyeche in the hopes the reader will learn, further theContinue reading “ECHOES ACROSS THE ATLANTIC”


Our first volume of VOICES FROM THE FIRE for 2022 has been released! Dumpster Fire Press enters 2022 with our latest eclectic volume of VOICES FROM THE FIRE assembled from the official VOICES FROM THE FIRE blog via featuring: poets, writers, and artists from here, there, and everywhere in-between going to places familiar andContinue reading “THE FIRE KEEPS GOING”


Sticks Scratching In The Sand The lessons are thereboxed in letters and windsymbols of flightand mightand wandering lustthis weightless destinythis excusable existenceeach undistinguishablefrom the nextwe pride ourselves in timeon lifeon the waves in which we crestas we float on white capsbellowing and bustlingand bursting at the seamstrying to define our energyour needy criesour searching prideandContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Rob Azevedo”

VOICES FROM THE FIRE: John Chinaka Onyeche

MY FATHER WORE GRIEF AS A GARMENT. Today my father cuts his hair low, he looks older & tired.  i can see it from his eyes,  myriad of life’s untold tales. i am looking through his private diaries locked up & hidden, maybe i will be lucky to see some of good recorded memories  ofContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: John Chinaka Onyeche”