Kinder Times The Angels are reflected in the water.Dirty faces with sad eyes.Their wings are broken.Their hair matted.When they are close you can smell their decay.Try not to look into the water, it will only remind you of kinder times.


Home, at Last      The backyard is crumbling.       Masked men with machetes butchered the hedges. The pool is a hydrothermal vent where the bacterium LUCA enjoys the floats. Where there isn’t dirt, the grass is coarse and tan.        Rabbits have pledged allegiance to a new kind. Squirrels scurry up the trees, hiding forever behind soft, white,Continue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Peter Crowley”

VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Jack Henry & Dillinger

A Drug Story Fat Freddy tells me he is out of the game. Fentanyl, he says, fucked everything up. But you can still get high, still get by, just test your shit before the party begins. Small time motherfuckers don’t care and those motherfuckers are the ones that die. Hustling down to a different partContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Jack Henry & Dillinger”


It’s a milestone at Dumpster Fire Press as we release VOICES FROM THE FIRE VOL. 10! Hitting double digits now! Dumpster Fire Press continues its counter-culture narrative with it’s tenth volume of the VOICES FROM THE FIRE collection culled directly from the official DFP website and blog of the same name: voices of reason, madness,Continue reading “DOUBLE DIGITS”

Hateful Eight

Alright, it’s not exactly a spite filled issue…please ignore my pathetic attempt at being clever with a simple ryhme and reference to a certain film by a certain director… VOICES FROM THE FIRE vol. 8 Culled from the official Dumpster Fire Press blog…VOICES FROM THE FIRE!Dumpster Fire Press continues featuring poets, writers and visual artistContinue reading “Hateful Eight”


The Naif Fisherman I’d been driven by my friends to an exhibition (not at a gallery but at the artist’s house or, more correctly, the artist’s parents’ house, a mudbrick two-story faux-Gothic number nestled in a forest background), where the wine was served in pottery goblets made by a local ‘craftsperson’ who saw anything thatContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE:Doug Jacquier”


One Man’s Trash As I emptied the trash, a trove of glasses slipped into the garbage bag’s gaping mouth.  “Hey,” I asked my wife, “have you thrown out my old glasses”?  “They were just sitting in a heap,” she said. “Some of them must have been decades old.” It was true, I had left themContinue reading “VOICES FROM THE FIRE: Ethan Goffman”


Our first volume of VOICES FROM THE FIRE for 2022 has been released! Dumpster Fire Press enters 2022 with our latest eclectic volume of VOICES FROM THE FIRE assembled from the official VOICES FROM THE FIRE blog via dumpsterfirepress.com featuring: poets, writers, and artists from here, there, and everywhere in-between going to places familiar andContinue reading “THE FIRE KEEPS GOING”


OUR NEW SPRING ANTHOLOGY is getting prepped for a mid March/April release date. LOVE, SEX, ROMANCE…everything you dread. Bedroom antics, sexual musings, paranormal erotica of a questionable taste. What did you ultimately learn about yourself? Was it worth it or just a toxic trance? Every quarter DFP will be releasing a thematic anthology and BEDROOMContinue reading “CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS:BEDROOM ANATOMY LESSONS”

New Day, New Year, New Release

Dumpster Fire Press kicking 2022 off right with our first release of the year…I KNOW A PLACE If Camus were Canadian, dabbled more in the visual arts and went really absurd with the philosophy of the absurd as absurdly possible…you’d have R. Keith and he’s back with a stunning collection of vispo…that’s visual poetry forContinue reading “New Day, New Year, New Release”