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Dumpster Fire Press returns with an early release of our collaborative poetry project RAZORVILLE… Razorville is a unique collaboration between poets Shannon Lynette “Poetry is a beautiful sickness” and Mike Zone “Poetry…painting with words, mass psychosis with a shotgun” along with fantastic visual contributions by UK artist Paul Warren. Poetry on a tight rope guided…


No longer silent AS if I ever was… this is part of a new series which may or may not last very long…depending on who wants to be a motherfucker…that’s right calling out motherfuckers in the small press as it no longer applies to my personal life and other aspects of this brief mortal struggle……

april cruelty 2023

GEtting ready for our 2023 relaunch on April 2nd 2023 which is when submissions will officially open up along with the launch of four other titles… Also new business plan…as EIC I used to sink about a grand into DFP a year…not anymore…it is now up to the readers to decide how long Dumpster Fire…

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7 thoughts on “TrIggEr & iMpLOde

  1. Mike is always in the zone! Helping with voices that aren’t even his own, kindly reminding us we’re not alone…giving us other writers a bone. This is a Website you can keep in #1 Favourites on your phone LOL Mike drop 😉


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