These Days. 

Yes, I’m afraid it’s me,

And this is you now,

Well I’ll be. 

A detached house, attached husband,

Two kids, a new surname. 

A brand-new Audi.

Your face was a picture,

when you realised  I,

wasn’t working with the removal men.

It was mine the stuff they were moving into the new house.

On your cul de sac,

All respected and respectable,

housed within.

And now me and memories,

Arrive and spoil things. 

Because I can remember 

when you turned two tricks a day,

To keep the wolf from the door,

and the rattle at bay.

Before you got lucky and moved away. 

The punter you said was rich,

and had fallen for you,

Well it seems it was all true.

Don’t worry i won’t blow your cover.

In fact I’m pleased for you. 

Fuck my luck, you’ll think but not say.

Although you’ll be nervous at first,

My memories, like myself, 

I keep to myself.

These days

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