The drunkening is underway

and I’ll say it wasn’t my fault

but I know it was

fully an occurrence

of my own choosing

I’ll heartily swallow

the rotgut whiskey

and without memory

stumble back

to the train station

avoiding law enforcement

on auto pilot

I’ll catch the right train;

sip an extra large coffee;

get off at the right stop

be awakened early morning;

head butts from anxious mutt

wanting to shit

before a rising sun

I’ll say it wasn’t my fault

but I know I’m full of shit

the world knows it

I know it

Even the dog defecating freely

on a foggy morning

before a rising sun knows it

Apparently, I didn’t fool

a single fucking soul.


Having a chat

with someone about getting old

I hear him declaring

“I don’t like hangovers anymore.”

And the thought triggered,

“Did you ever really like them?”

It just seemed like

such an odd comment to me

I simply have to ask

so I query,

:Did you ever really like them

at any point in time?”

and I watched him

and listened to him

stumbling over his own words

hopefully coming to realize

the absurdity of his statement

I just laugh it off

The bartender persuades me

to get a full liter pour

for last call

I guess, like it or not,

it’s going to happen

from time to time

just an occupational hazard

of a Bukowski wannabe


Such a bloody cliché

selfie in a graffiti adorned bathroom

I take it anyway

feeling smug

feeling as though

I earned some falsified credentials

look at me:

bearded with Quagmire hoodie

snapping a photo

in the bathroom mirror

ever so cool

I cling to my delusions

feeling certain

I’m so much better

than the panic yuppie bitch

alluded to on the mirror


Hey, even whores

have feelings

and I won’t just

kiss and tell

so you can get your kicks

don’t worry so much

about my adventures

if I can be


might I suggest

you try living

a little of your own life

mine is dull enough

yours must be worse

if you’re worried about me

I mean it’s not
exactly something

that requires details

I’m not entirely sure

why you’d even ask

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