no one was ever meant to

sometimes the loneliness

will distort even the best 


beat you down until you 

understand that no one 

was ever meant to love 


there goes another bottle

of scotch

soon, you’ll be looking

at a bottle of pills and

thinking of one of your

musical heroes

these are the nights you 

turn on coltrane and let 

him blow some sense 

into you

somehow, you’ll be 

searching for a vein

and looking for the

cloudy sunshine in a

land where rainbows

don’t exist

from top to bottom

she had on one

of those dresses

with buttons in

the front from

top to bottom

the kind of dress

that someone 

with a dirty 

mind suddenly 

starts to have 

a little fun with

and in my mind

after undoing every

button with my teeth

her beautiful naked

body takes me in

and shows a lonely

soul what i’ve been

missing all these 


in reality, 

she asks me to pick 

up my mouth from 

the floor

her piercing eyes 


she shows me a little 

leg and makes sure 

to walk away just 

slowly enough

so, i’ll never be able 

to forget it

every second of your time

her soft brown 

skin glistens 

with sweat

her smile is 

every dirty 

thought that

has ever graced 

the tip of your 


when you’re 


she’ll show you

right where you

can put that tip

her eyes look


nearly half your 

age and worth 

every second 

of your time

let the muse take

you by the hand

and remember 

to say yes

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